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August Alexander Jurva and his wife Helmi Hildur Jurva born Juntunen in front of their new cowhouse on their farm on Copper Island in Michigan USA. The horse, named Prince, was given to them by Ralph Johnson. August took good care of his horse.The picture was sent to cousin Lilli Jurvansuu (1893-1978) on May 16, 1961 by Margareta (Anna Greta) Raita born Rautio (1891-1982) from Brooklyn New York with the statement ”I guess you know August Jurva”. The picture belongs to Ritva Jurvansuu. (Roots in Jurvasenkuiva Jurvansuu Family History in Pudasjärvi, Finland, 2002)
I like to thank all readers and supporters of this website. I hope that in the future I'll get as many emails, letters and calls about this website as so far I have received.
Jaakko Jurvansuu, Kajaani, Finland

Roots in Jurvasenkuiva

The English version of our family book called ’Roots in Jurvasenkuiva’, ISBN 952-91-4781-3, was published in summer 2002. There are still copies left to buy for those interested. The book contains family history in the form of writings as well as detailed family trees. The historical data starts from the 1600s. Several family members have contributed to the writing and publishing process of the 70-page book.

For ordering please contact Ritva Jurvansuu at ritva.jurvansuu{ät]  or Jaakko Jurvansuu at  You can also ask for the book in a bookstore. In so doing, please mention the ISBN code.

The price of the book, including the Family Reunion CD too, is 35,50 dollars per copy. Please send a check to Ritva Jurvansuu, address: Hetekyläntie 1014, 93160 Hetejärvi, Finland or to Jaakko Jurvansuu, address: Närhipolku 19, 87400 Kajaani, Finland.

Postage, packaging and cashing of the check (15,50 dollars) are included in the price. If you order more than one copy, the price for second one etc. is 20 dollars/copy (two copies is 55,50 dollars etc.).

The Jurvansuu Family Committee and their phone numbers

= can be contacted in English {ät]

Jorma Oinas, chairman, Oulu e-mail oinas.jorma[ät]

Mira Jurvansuu, secretary, Oulu +358 8 340905 (home) e-mail mira.jurvansuu[ät]

Marko Jurvansuu, deputy chairman, Oulu +358 8 551 21023 Fax +358 (0)8 551 2320 e-mail Marko.Jurvansuu{ät]

Helinä Siltakoski, economy, Ylikiiminki +358 8 817731 e-mail hsiltakoski[ät]

Pekka Isomursu, U.S.A. information, Oulu +358 8 338637 e-mail  isomursu[ät]

Sirkka Fredriksson, Oulu +358 8 3120231 e-mail  sirkka.fredriksson{ät]

Matti Jaurakkajärvi, Pudasjärvi +358 8 839634

Jaakko Jurvansuu, Kajaani  +358 8 638224 e-mail

Ritva Jurvansuu, Pudasjärvi +358 8 832626 e-mail ritva.jurvansuu{ät]

Timo Liikanen, e-mail timo.liikanen{ät]

Hannele Lantto, Oulu sähköp. hannele.lantto[ät}

Anna-Liisa Piironen, Ylikiiminki +358 8 8177182 e-mail ukkila.ylikiiminki{ät]

Virpi Sivonen-Sankala, Kiiminki +358 8 8167046 e-mail vss{ät]

  Eija Tapio, Liminka +358 8 384362 e-mail sähköp.

Teuvo Vähkyrä, Pudasjärvi +358 8 838282 e-mail teuvova{ät]

Contacts in the USA

Roy Jurva, 31436 Emily Lake Rd., Toivola Michigan 49965-9705 U.S.A. puh. 1-906-288-3733 e-mail

I also have new e-mail address also;  it is (11.11.2007) Roy

Mary Lou Anne Stolle, 70133 Beaver Tail Rd., Askov Minnesota 55704-9307 U.S.A. Tel 941-693-7990 e-mail imfishhook1{ät]